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Online yoga classes

Group yoga classes and one to one private tuition, using Zoom

These classes using Zoom are as close as possible to our normal group and one-to-one yoga classes.  Regular students have transferred successfully to these classes. Zoom is quite easy to set up, and I arrange a set-up session, as well as an initial trial class at no charge.  You can use Zoom for free.

For prospective yoga students I ask that you take part in a Zoom session with me (at no charge) to ensure that sound and video is working on your device (ideally a laptop, tablet or iPad but there are other options), that I can see and hear you on my computer, and to help you find the best position for your mat.

Once you are set up, I provide a trial class (at least 30 mins) so you can experience an online class.  This is also at no charge.  Assuming your set up goes well, and time permits we might combine these 2 sessions.  We will support you in your Zoom set up; experience shows it is quite straightforward if you are generally familiar with your computer. 

Scheduled online group yoga classes

  • Monday evening - 6.30 to 7.45pm
  • Wednesday morning - 10.30 to 11.45am
  • Friday morning - 10.30 to 11.45am

You need to book in to the class you plan to attend in order to receive the Zoom class invitation email.

Costs and Payment
  • There is no charge to take part in the Zoom set up session and the trial class.
  • For a scheduled group class, the cost will be £9.00 per class.
  • For new individual/private/1-2-1 clients - £45.00 per 1 hour lesson (£55 on Friday evenings and at weekends).

For students taking part in group classes I will invoice you at the end of each month. I ask that private one-to-one students ‘pay as you go’ after each lesson. Payment preferably by BACS/e-banking.

Being safe
  • If you need to run your device plugged into the mains, or if there are other cables, be careful not to trip over them
  • Some students fall asleep during relaxation, so be sure your home is safe – if you use candles or burn incense be sure they can burn out safely if you fall asleep
  • Make sure any fires are safe and you have nothing left on or in the stove or cooker
  • Make sure your device (laptop, iPad, etc) is positioned so it can’t be knocked over
  • Your yoga space needs to be big enough so you can do all the poses safely without hitting or knocking yourself or any objects
  • New students need to complete a health information form. Current and former students must advise of any changes since they last provided health information.
More information about Zoom yoga
Detailed guidance for getting Zoom and preparing for these online yoga classes

View and download pdf document

Teaching setup for online yoga 
Student setup (idealised) for online yoga

Relaxations and Meditations - for listening

I have prepared a number of relaxations and meditations for my students to access at no cost.  You can play them directly below.  I know from our classes together that some students do tend to get very relaxed during this part of my yoga classes - and perhaps go to sleep.  It is important then that you listen safely, have no unguarded flames - candles, something cooking, unguarded fire, etc...If your device is plugged in be aware of any possible trip hazard when you get up.  I've made these recordings for my own students, past and present.  Please don't pass them onto other people.  I will be happy to provide the link if you get them to contact me.

Relaxation 1

Whole body relaxation - starting with right thumb. 12 minutes

Relaxation 2

Relaxation - five senses. 10 minutes

Relaxation 3

Yoga Nidra.  29 mins

Relaxation 4

Floating on a cloud.  16 mins

Meditation 1

Review of the day.  6 mins

Do get in touch if you have any questions about these classes - online or face to face, or about Yoga generally, I will be pleased to help.